Rumor: 'Call Of Duty 2018' Is 'Black Ops 4' -> Heading To Switch, PC, PS4, And Xbox One

Rumor: 'Call Of Duty 2018' Is 'Black Ops 4' -> Heading To Switch, PC, PS4, And Xbox One

FTA: Just like sports simulations that receive an annual refresh, gamers already expect a yearly installment from Activision's popular shooter and see a new Call of Duty game.

Last year, the developer took the franchise back to its roots, which was set during the events of World War II. Now, the incoming 2018 title is reportedly titled Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, according to rumors. Additionally, it looks like Nintendo will also get a port for the Switch.

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The hearing is normal, since they decided to continue the best part


good news to hear. hope it's real


Good news!


Good news.


On Switch? Wow, that's really cool that AAA games are really making it on Switch now!


Black Ops it's good


interesting i never got Call of Duty WWII is it any good?

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Now I need to get a switch


Interesting.. Only one I dont play CoD?

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The Switch version will support DLC, HD Rumble, and motion controls. It is also being ported by a company that is familiar with COD games.

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