App to add music to videos

App to add music to videos

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Can someone recommend a free app for adding tracks to videos.
I already used one, but it saved the video with a watermark -.-"

either for iphone or windows

I would have to adjust the audio a bit, like I would like the audio to start at a later part
the video is 30s long and the track is 3min long and I would like the track to start at second 25

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Pinnacle Studio 15 will do the job for you.

You can get a cut-down version/free or buy it (very cheap). You may also be able to get it as "old/Abandonware", but either way, it works well and will do the job you want.

If you do get it,l and need a hand, just PM me and I can walk you through it.

(If I can, I will post a demo of what I have done with it...If I can figure out where to post the video on this site. LOL ) :-)


I already downloaded and used shotcut, but thanks for the rec

It had everything I needed and also came as a portable version, so no install :)