Rainbow Six Siege is growing into a serious eSports title

Rainbow Six Siege is growing into a serious eSports title

If you do not know yet Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first-person shooter in which a team of five people is trying to defend or destroy a bomb site. Ubisoft released the game at the end of 2015 and has so far accumulated an enviable number of players playing on a daily basis. The creator's original idea was to focus on eSports, and new players after the twentieth level would be able to embark on a ranked play and with that alone competitive play.

Everything was beautifully imagined, but there was something missing. The game did not interested bigger eSports organizations, and the competition games themselves were left with insufficient media coverage. Why was it like that is because we could rewrite that to small prize funds at the tournaments and the exceptionally low number of viewers of those same tournaments.

In the last two years, a lot has changed with the Rainbow Six Siege. A lot of changes in the game, frequent updates, have increased the quality of the game itself, the wider range of game characters and their looks and the investment in the eSports scene. Rainbow Six now has over 25 million registered players and contract with the Electronic Sports League company responsible for organizing online and LAN tournaments.

All these great news have attracted the attention of large eSports organizations and it is now up to each task to form their Rainbow Six Siege team. These days, the popular CLG organization, has announced the names of its Rainbow Six players. Skys, England, Geoolicious, LaXlnG and Shuttle are selected players that CLG will try to bring to the first trophy.

The first competition is scheduled for this month when starts the Six Invitational 2018 tournament, where you will be able to see the CLG team as battles for the title of the best Rainbow Six Siege team.

We hope that Ubisoft will continue with their work then that Rainbow Six awaits a long and successful eSports career.

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Only Overwatch. XP


It's good that games are getting recignition but it also kinda of kills me with Tf2 sitting in the corner :/



Support the professional league Rainbow Six Siege


Wow..r they're serious ? As I know it's the most successful multiplayer Ubi game. But espots..idk if it's a safe bet for them.


Well, not convinced yet !



Marketing does not equal reality.

Vote with your wallet.




Dont know if I would ever watch :)




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Never watched it and I dont think i will in the future

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The world's largest eSports organizations have already formed their Rainbow Six Siege teams while some are still looking for their future stars.

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