Aw958 Terrible mouse

Aw958 Terrible mouse

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I bought the elite Aw958 mouse recenly. I have never had a gaming mouse before so maybe this wasn't the best one to start with. after figuring out the macros for the buttons, I found out that they dont work that well during gameplay. I play battlefront 2 and when I press the buttons for cool down or roll on my mouse I find they are very unresponsive. I need to press them several times before or if they will work. If anyone knows how to help me please let me know as this is my first gaming mouse maybe im doing something wrong. Dell and alienware tech support are absolutly no help.

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yeah I know what your talking about I own one and it was a disappointment . I will say however the keyboard Alienware offers now  is great !!!!


I own the AW958 Mouse and AW768 Keyboard, I feel overall they are built for quality, my only compliant with the mouse is that it is difficult toe pick up as you are playing, there is hardly any vertical grip. I do love how big the mouse is, this is the reason I left my logitech and corsair devices. I do wish that the keyboard didnt have macro keys. I also hope Alienware Command Center will recieve an update for assignable buttons to include next track, previous track, etc. I used that on my MMO mouse with corsair often, mostly to change song and volume on my mouse during gameplay.