Star Citizen: Alpha 3.0 Feature Trailer

Star Citizen: Alpha 3.0 Feature Trailer

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Please vote if you like it

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jediknight16 said:

Please vote if you like it

Hey, how's the game doing?? I want to try it 

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The game is awesome, and offers great feelings when traveling to planets and exploring places, but they still need to work a lot on the engine so we could play with 20-30 fps and more. We should get optimization update 3.1 in March, and I think the game will start to become wonderful and much more interesting this summer and in september with 3.3. Anyway, 2018 will be a great year for Star Citizen's development.

Become a Star Citizen @RobertsSpaceInd and get 5,000 free Credits



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Step into a first-person universe and experience boundless exploration, awe-inspiring ships, weapons and gear, and intense combat in space and on the ground. Whether you're immersed in Star Citizen's Persistent Universe, engaged on the battlegrounds of Arena Commander and Star Marine, or racing at break-neck speeds in the Murray Cup, your adventure awaits. ------------------------------------------ Roberts Space Industries is a spacecraft manufacturer within the persistent-world game "Star Citizen" an
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