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Area 51 r2 - 240mm radiator placement suggestions

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So i have my corsair h100i v2 installed on the top front fan bracket in my area 51 r2 case - as this does seem pretty sturdy my h100i temps keep going up like one degree every 20 seconds and the corsair logo goes red, no matter if im on my desktop or in a game. If anybody has any ideas on how i could mount this so it sits flush with the front or any other ideas please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated as i cant really use the system long due to it overheating. Here is a pic
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The problem you are describing is indicative of the waterblock not being properly secured to your CPU. It's also possible it's secured but your pump isn't coming on, however from my experience in accidentally leaving the power disconnected to my H100i it takes a lot longer than you are describing to heat up.

That said are you able to get AlienFX running on that board? I've had 0 luck getting it to work using either an old X58 mobo or a Maximus VII

(above is Gram's Alien)

if we said the bolt pattern as a square was 1 2 3 4, you turn bolt 1 a few times, go diagonally to bolt 3 a few times, say up to 2 a few times then diagonal to 4 a few times and repeat the sequence so that the pump head gets bolted down evenly, kind of like putting a car wheel's lug nuts on. A uTube video or your owner's manual can describe how to install the retention ring properly. An uneven install may lead to improper cooling > from there, we assume the new cooler had thermal paste pre-applied?, of course it should have, but, thermal paste is a must between the CPU & bottom cooler pump copper 'coldplate'

Does Corsair Link or Command Center verify the pump is running? Can Corsair Link allow you to see the pump RPM, & maybe dial it up to 100%?

*of course the fans have to be spinning too

If you're unsure the pump is running, you can buy a dedicated 12volt/Ground adapter, search term = Molex Fan, adapter similar to this (but inspect your cooling pump connector for whether it is a 3pin type, a 4pin type, or a 4pin + SATA & buy the correct Molex power adapter), with direct power like that adapter provides you can be sure your pump is getting power - then do a temperature test - if ok?, the adapter was needed, and so go back to the motherboard fan header for power and do a retest - either way, see if the motherboard header or even the adapter lead to an overheat scenario & report back, understand?

You can call, or, email, or otherwise send a photo of your setup (or describe it = 45degree angle, pump above the radiator, with tubes at the bottom of radiator so coolant flows down and back up) to Corsair Support, try them on twitter also or Facebook (public post or private message); it is possible the tubes should be on top, possible the way it is now that the pump should not be higher than the tubes. That is a question you can ask their Support, or, in the meantime, once you're positive the pump is running (Link or CmndCntr can verify or you used a correct adapter as in photo), positive the retention ring has the pump head on correct (bolted down even), then it might be advised to install cooling radiator the other way around (perhaps the pump can not push or circulate the liquid very well due to gravity, which is why a call to support or your own test by flipping it around might reveal)

I also hope you have the lower optional case wall fan bracket, to help with an air seal, VNPD3 (VNDP3 is a listing) error

For your GPU cooler fan, you can borrow the fan grille from the front bottom intake fan, to protect the cooling tubes if the radiator flips over

Final ThoughtS: a uTube video of proper setup, and / or, a video that lets you know what a working system looks like relative to the LED light and of course find out what the red LED situation means (pump is off?)

*Check your new Bios & owner's manual, regarding setting CPU Fan Speed (cooler pump will run off of the motherboard CPU_Fan header, CPU OPtion #2 header or a dedicated 'Pump' header), maybe fan speed in Bios is set to quiet mode or something, causing pump to run too slow, look into it > find a Turbo / Performance Setting for the fan-header (so pump runs full speed)

Forum member sent me this photo 2.5years ago, dunno if it is 100i GTX or V2, I think he had a cooling issue also but never emailed back to say if it got fixed

Yes alienfx does work but since the color was blue before mobo swap it is stuck and i cant get the command center to install to change it. And the problem was my pump died... so i went to best buy and bought a new one and it works like a charm

Yes but i dont have a 2011-v3 cpu to even get the mobo working so that tutorial wont work

--> of course it works <-- scroll down to bottom of my post, find R2 section & do what it says (copy / paste / save as .reg etc)

My sincere apologies i didnt scroll that far down. I will try when i get home from work and let you know how it goes

Command center works great after following your guys tutorial thanks :)

Man this is awesome.  As someone who just bought a R2 13 months ago I have been searching high and low for R2 mother board swap from x99 to x299. I have been on every forum known to man I think lol..   I cant believe how hard this is proving to be.  I dont know if I will buy Alien again.  I have owned one since the first one made and I love alienware.  I cant believe you got case lights to work and got the optical drive eject to work.  Very nice work.  How much you want to do this to mine? hehe..  I just want x299 board for m.2 and better cpu options.  Im so sad cause my pc is like epic new to me and we are on version R5 or so already.  I must have bought the last R2 ever created... so disappointed.  more so that dell has no options in place to upgrade and make it so difficult for us to do.

How did you get that to fit? I'm looking at the Corsair hydro series H80i V2 and I don't know if that will even fit due to if it's any wider it won't work because of there being like zero headroom on the left side or panel side.