AMD Ryzen in Aurora???

AMD Ryzen in Aurora???

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For the love of god guys, will you please put the Ryzen in the Aurora? Intel while a tad faster just doesn't justify the price of these now. At least i could get more productivity with an AMD cpu to justify spending more than an Inspiron. In the past i have bought all of my employees Alienware desktops and laptops. I have since been buying the alienware 15, which when you finally get Ryzen in them i will switch to the 2700U without question, but have switched to purchasing the Inspiron gaming desktops with the 1700x. The value is just amazing. When the Aurora catches up and gets Ryzen, ill start buying AW desktops again. I DO miss them.

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I'm not certain how that would improve the site. You do realize the description of the forum was suggestions on how to improve this site and not gripe about the limited number of builds available for the AW hardware?