ARP Status link or button on mobile/small-window view

ARP Status link or button on mobile/small-window view

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I browse on my phone frequently, or use split-screen on my desktop, so I'm usually looking at the site in a small window and I can't find an easy way to see my ARP Status and look at the quest and tasks for the day.

Am I missing it? If it's not there it should certainly be added.

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Thanks for the link, and it is helpful that it shows "your level, how many points you need for the next level and your lifetime points" like your comment says, but that still doesn't show what I was talking about in my post, which isĀ "the quest and tasks for the day" on mobile/small screens.

As far as I can tell, the bottom-right popup just straight up isn't visible on small screens, and there's no other place to find the daily quest, Daily ARP tracker, and Community ARP tracker.

Even if it is available on a page - like the ARP level, points to next level, and lifetime points are available on the main page - I still think it should be accessible from every page, just like it is on the desktop site via the bottom-right popup.


The powers that be are aware that they mobile site needs a good bit of attention but it has not been the priority because they've been working so hard on getting the main site updated and upgraded.

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