PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will from game expand into a universal media franchise

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will from game expand into a universal media franchise

It's been almost two weeks since PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds dropped stale clothing of Early Access, while director of PUBG corporation, Chang Han Kim, now already is making plans for its popular videogame, which put its mark on 2017, to expand into a "universal media franchise".

Namely, the enormous success of the battle royale game has given him the wind in the back and it seems Han Kim is eager to fly. Namely, he recently revealed that his "company wants to participate in various industries, including eSports, movies, dramas, cartoons, animation and more". Furthermore, he boasted that they have "received several love invitations from many developers from Hollywood and Netflix", and their "dream is to build a new culture based on video games in different ways and to have leadership over it".

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Haha.  I guess the name carries some weight, but other than that it isn't like the "plot" of the game is unique enough to make it stand out from any other movie, cartoon, etc. that would have people trying to kill each other to win.

Don't blame them for trying (so long they're not paying for the productions and only taking in the licensing money).


These are just as ambitious as those of Angry Birds but with a product that still has failures, better finish fixing the game on all platforms before starting to build a house on the roof.


I hope they dont forget to keep working on PUBG to make it better everyday


i still have crashes on this game...


They're dreaming way too high. Should focus on making the game a working piece of software and a complete product first. Then they still need to give it more charisma somehow.



Seems like a popular company. I like interesting game more than Big Movie




I think that it could work quite well. "Battle Royale" and "Hunger games" had good success.

Now they would just need a reason for the carnage, something that it isn't in the game as far as I know :D






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The director of PUBG corporation wants the popular video game, which in some way has marked the last year, to become live on big and small screens and create its own cultural movement.

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