Monster Hunter World on PC we will only play in the fall

Monster Hunter World on PC we will only play in the fall

The year did not really start fabulous for the "master race". One of the first big games in 2018, Capcom's Monster Hunter World which at the end of the month arrives to PS4 and XBOX consoles, will appear on PC much later than expected. We knew from before that PC version of that game will be late, but we did not expect to see it in autumn of 2018.

Capcom claims that it is in the process of optimization, which is somewhat suspicious. Earlier, they've complained that there were not enough people which would work at the same time on three versions, so work on one had to slow down. In any case, to create additional content which will appear after the release of console versions they have the resources for, so new monsters and other updates will follow throughout the year. Once we PC version await, all that additional content should be included in it.

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Well I just got slapped in the face. That was painful...


Well better on ps4 anyway :)


As long as it works well...



Keep working ...


it's better that they take all the time needed for a good port. 


remember the shaft the PC got with Halo.  All the hype, the buildup only to sellout to microsoft and become the xbox exclusive.  When it did come out for pc,  it ran like ass on hardware twice as fast as an xbox.  Dont even get my started on red dead redemption.


it is expected


It's sad. But better late than never)

Being a mortal is very complicated © Tyrael


monster hunter all fun with multiplayer hunting all those monster mats

Life is a game with 1 life no save point no reset no do overs. Make the best of it. Also, Upvotes are nice!


Just take your time and make the game how you wanted it.

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First this year's hit will be late to PC, and for more than half a year. Monster Hunter World on computers will only appear in the fall of 2018.

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