M17x R3 w/580M Upgrade to 860M GPU

M17x R3 w/580M Upgrade to 860M GPU

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I apologize up front if there is another thread on this topic already.

I have an M17X R3 currently with a 580M installed.  I received an 860M Video Card (Used) as a gift.

I attempted to install the card, but have been having difficulties, and I am hoping that someone can give me the magic trick to get it installed.

I am running the original Windows 7 Home (with all updates) and everything is fine in the Device Manager, no misc unknown devices.

I have searched the Web and attempted all of the suggestions that I have found to date:

- Disable the SG and select PEG

- Disable the High Definition Audio

- Upgrade to Bios A12

and all to no avail at the moment.  The Card goes in, and seems OK, until Windows Starts, and then I get a BSOD with a Hardware Failure Error on it, stating that my HDD's have failed.

I tried booting from both USB and DVD to Factore Restore the notebook, but then it says that it needs a DVD Driver in order to continue, and I cannot eject the Restore DVD in order to get the driver from the other disk.

Needless to say, I got frustrated (attempted 4 times) and put the old 580M back in.  With the old card, everything works (go figure) with no errors on boot or login to the system.

Reason for the upgrade is that the FPS has dropped on several games on the system (Just Cause2, Skyrim, Crysis3, ETC) and they have become unplayable, but it seems to work fine with Portal 2 and the original Bioshock.

Also the on-board FAN control stopped working for some strange reason, and so I have installed software to fix that one.

Any insight anyone has for me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I believe you need the higher power AC adapter for that video card, I've read that the AC adapter needs to be one that delivers more watts, although I don't know what sense that makes since you could operate on battery power anyway, but it would be something to try.  Can you get your hands on the 200/250W AC adapter?


hank you.  I had tripped across that last night.  I unfortunately do not have access to the higher AC Adapter, so I will have to see if I can get one at a reasonable price.  I also plan to test it just on the battery, as like you said it seems silly that you need a higher powered supply, but it should still run on the battery.  A lot higher draw I am assuming on the battery and it will kill it faster, but to see if it at least allows me to continue the process would be a great step.

I'll keep posting until I get it working in the end.

Cheers! :-)


I have been doing some more research and according to GPUBoss, the 580 TDP (Total Draw Power) is 100Watt and the 860 is only 75Watt, so it also seems wierd that I may need a larger power output AC Adapter in order to provide additional power to a card that should not need it.

580M <-- 3/4's down the page on the right


860M <-- 3/4's down the page on the right


Anyways still reading and learning lots about these cards.  Who knew it would be such an adventure.


OK, so after modifying the INF in the Nvidia Drivers, my 860M is installed and working.

Now the only thing I need to figure out is how to get the High Definition Audio (HDA) back, so that I can use it!!??

When I re-enable the HDA and boot, the screen goes bright white and then the laptop freezes.  This makes me assume that there is an IRQ conflict. I do not know where I can change the IRQ (haven't found it as of yet anyways).  When I boot into safemode and install the HDA, it seems to install just fine. ( need to check if I get sound in safe mode or not, haven;t tried yet). But, when I reboot the system after the installation, the system does the same thing.  White screen and freezes.  Had to disable the HDA again in the Bios.

Looking for thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks again.