Newly discovered Intel Security Hole Could Slow Down Your PC Soon

Newly discovered Intel Security Hole Could Slow Down Your PC Soon

You've read that right.

Intel chips have a massive design flaw

Microsoft and Linux are thinking how to fix it. It’s a security hole that can be patched, but the patches will make PCs (and Macs) with Intel chips slower. 5-30%. Huge!


What’s Going On?

Modern Intel processors have a design flaw that could allow malicious programs to read protected areas of a device’s kernel memory (dedicated to essential core components of the operating system and their interactions with system hardware).

This could potentially expose protected information like passwords.

Since the error is backed into the Intel x86-64 hardware, it requires an OS-level overwrite to patch—on every major operating system, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.


When Will the Patch Affect My PC?

Supposedly in January 9, 2018 the new patch will come, and your PC will be safe again but with the performance impact.

The changes will appear in an upcoming version of the Linux kernel, and everyone expect Apple to patch macOS with similar changes really ASAP.


So, tell us, do you have an intel processor installed?

What do you think about this design flaw and the consequences of performance?

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they'll patch it most likely asap!

It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I'm all outta gum!


Intel best!


Intel best service and quality to use >ω0


Much ado about nothing.
Most people won't even notice the slight performance drop and I am pretty sure that the numbers of 5-30% are extreme cases that will most likely not affect the average user.

But let's see how this turns out ;)




good news :)


nothing terrible, the main thing is the speed of eliminating the vulnerability


Pretty fast. Good job Intel)

Being a mortal is very complicated © Tyrael


But my monero!


AMD hardware is not affected. This change (and possible slowdown) only affects systems with Intel chips.

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Intel chips have a massive design flaw

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