AMD will fix driver issues for DX9 games despite claims to the otherwise

AMD will fix driver issues for DX9 games despite claims to the otherwise

At one point the story was AMD was not going to bother fixing the drivers that was causing issues with DX9 games:

AMD ended 2017 with its year-end mega driver release, the Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition (17.12), which introduced a large number of new features. The drivers, incidentally, also inadvertently caused bugs with some 10-year old games running on the older DirectX 9 API.  AMD responded on its official support forums that it is "unlikely to devote any valuable engineering resources to this issue."

Among the games affected, old as they may seem, are AAA blockbusters, including "C&C3 Tiberium Wars," "C&C3 Kane's Wrath," "C&C Red Alert 3," "C&C Red Alert 3 Upising," "C&C4 Tiberian Twilight," "Battle for Middle Earth 1-2," and "The Witcher Enhanced Edition." AMD blames its inability to fix these issues to outdated API models. The company's full statement reads "This title is from 2007, so we are unlikely to devote any valuable engineering resources to this issue, which is most likely caused by outdated API modules."

However an Terry Makedom, the director of AMD software strategy, on Twitter confirmed that there will indeed be a fix and that it was just a human error that led to the AMD employee on the forums saying otherwise:


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any driver version 17 and up has been hot garbage for my 390x.   Makes my card overheat even with the fan on maximum leaf blower mode.   Im still running version 16 drivers and sometimes I have to edit the registry if some dumb games demands a minimum driver version.  I ran amd cards for years but this last couple of years has soured me bad.  If I didnt have a nice freesync monitor I would have bolted for nvidia a while ago.


AMD is stepping up their game


AMD finally on the sean of the crime.investigating

thank you


nice guy AMD

thank you alienwarearena


care for elders =)

Never play alone, MMO gives a more complete illusion of real life... xD


They have seen troubles flying over them and decided to look for a solution before it became a real problem. If your product claims to be compatible with one technology, you must provide with a proper support.


I should hope they'll fix it!


Here I was wondering why this was a big deal and then I remembered that I haven't run windows in so long that I haven't had to install proprietary video card drivers since Linux now includes them in the kernel.  I have no idea why AMD would have said they were not going to fix the issues.  It sure wasn't good public relations.

Vote with your wallet.


Ty ^^



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Contrary to the rumors that AMD was not going to fix issues in their newest drivers (a rumor that wasn't helped out by being confirmed by an AMD employee) AMD is going to release a fix

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