how to get steam key for free?

how to get steam key for free?

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can anyone recommend the best sites to get steam key for free?

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I highly recommend that you follow this subreddit: You will find lots of steam key giveaways listed there every week. Some of the giveaways are annoying to complete (requiring you to link your social media accounts and complete tasks) and/or run out of keys very quickly, but there are many good giveaways as well, especially those from sites like indiegala and humble bundle. You will need accounts on those sites to get the free keys when they are offered.

You can get a LOT of free games this way (not all of them great games, of course). Over the past few months, I've gotten free keys for more than 10 high-quality games from humble bundle and more than 20 mixed-quality indie games from indiegala (not to mention many more free keys from various other giveaways, contests, etc.).


This is the best one: