256GB SSD and upgrade from 1060 to 1070 worth $400

256GB SSD and upgrade from 1060 to 1070 worth $400

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Hey guys,

I just picked up an oculus rift and my first gaming PC and am having a blast. Current setup is an 15 R 3 with 1 TB hard drive, 16 GB ram, i7 and gtx 1060 card (6gb). 

I have only had it for a few days but noticed the store I purchased it from has a higher model on sale now. It is the same setup as my current laptop with the addition of the additional ssd and the 1070 card instead of the 1060 I have.

They said I can exchange my current model no problem. So my question is if it is worth it for the $400 price difference? I am not a hardcore gamer by any means and will most likely use it mainly for Oculus VR Gaming / experiences.


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Well, what I would do is currently, there is a free upgrade offer for what you have described on the alienware website. If I were you, i'd refund and then order the upgraded version for the same price. 




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Alien Guy

when I bought it, I was planning on throwing a 256 or 512 ssd in it but did not know it came in the configuration with a 1070 card. So I can keep my current setup and add a 256 card for $100 and stick with the 1060, or is the gtx 1070 worth the $300 upgrade and not mod my current one?


Heavily depends on your gaming activity, a gtx1060 is more than enough for most games to come in the next 2-3 years, but a gtx 1070 will survive for at least 5-6 years. 

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If you are big into VR you really want no less than a 1070.  SSDs are also a huge difference, although 256GB wont fit many games on it.  I would give this a hesitant thumbs up and get the upgrade.  400 is the max I would pay and I would be cringing the whole time i paid for it.