M18x R2 Replacements for Dual 6990m GPU's

M18x R2 Replacements for Dual 6990m GPU's

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One of the 6990's failed on me a few months ago.  It gave the black screen and beeps during post.  After some online searching and troubleshooting, I learned how to switch to the integrated GPU, and physically removed to dual 6990's.  I placed the slave card into the primary slot after proper cleaning and re-pasting, and to my surprise, it identified it and booted using it as the GPU, and all was well.... for a while.  

Now that I have been back on the 6990 as a single GPU, having the dead one no longer in the case, I am beginning to see the signs that lead up to the first one dying.  One symptom is the "video driver has stopped responding and has recovered" message after a video crash that brings me back to the Windows desktop when I'm playing a game.  The game (D3) has to be closed and restarted.  The second symptom is the occasional screen flicker on peripheral display, with no difference if it is using VGA or HDMI.  These were commonplace before the first card died, so I have to assume the other card is going to die, as well.

In exhaustive searches over the last few months, I can't seem to nail down a confirmed replacement for the 6990m's.  Most discussion threads talk about needing different heat sinks for any non-ATI card, some say you can simply remove the black tape from the heatsink, others claim that 79XXm is direct replacement but I find as many naysayers as proponents.  In the long run, I don't know that I care to even attempt retaining crossfire, as I haven't moved into anything more demanding than Diablo 3 since, well, Diablo 3 was released.  I'm still having a hard time accepting that D3 was enough to genuinely stress the 6990's, especially since I run at minimal graphics settings.

Since the drivers for the 6990m won't be seeing any future attention from 'the makers' and are no longer supported... and none of the drivers ever really seemed to cooperate with the cards like they should, I would like to find a different card or pair to replace them. 

What are my confirmed options if I stay with ATI Radeon, and what changes other than drivers are necessary?

If I do concede to move towards NVIDIA, are there any that have been confirmed to work with the heat sinks from the ATI cards?  Last thing I want to do is spend more on cards and required parts to maintain my AW, than it would cost to buy a new laptop.

Side note: My wife plays D3 with me, and I notice she doesn't experience nearly the level of video lag, nor does she have any less video quality, on her cheapo Lenovo AMD A10 laptop that she bought for school.  I can buy two of those laptops for the price of a single 6990m from China.  Is it even worth keeping my AW alive, or should I relegate it to storage along with her monstrously beautiful, but retired, Aurora?


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I would get a new laptop or desktop. HP and Dell both have budget options for 500-700 bucks for laptops and desktops with 1050, 1060 video cards. A 6990M off Ebay from China will be a 4-5 year old used part sold by some huckster. Not worth it IMHO.

You could also upgrade your wife's old aurora, although it probably needs "everything" you don't sound super picky and parts are cheap.