Rift or Defiance

Rift or Defiance

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Which game is better by your opinion ? and why ?

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Defiance for me as it is basically nonstop raids and loot grind and I enjoy that kind of thing whereas Rift has a very WoW clone feel to it and thats not really my thing... all personal preference



check the Games and show whats your favorit.

Only for me is Rift better, but im a older WoW player ^^


I'm actually a fan of both. I've been playing both since beta, and have no plans to stop either one. It really boils down to the specific style of game: a more traditional MMO (Rift) or a more action-based one (Defiance), especially since the upgraded version, Defiance 2050, is coming out soon.


Rift is an MMORPG like most fantasy MMORPGs. 
Defiance is much more of a shooter, with some MMORPG mechanics. Though trying to build up bonus stuff by running over enemies with the vehicles can be fun, and frustrating at the same time, unless they've improved the steering model.

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Rift was amazing for 1 year after launch (if not for a shorter time).

Then the game developers destroyed it with every patch update until there was nothing left.

Stay away from rift and anything created by Trion. 

It's a trap!