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Monitor Size

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This may be a noob question but are monitors suppose to be off on the listing size? I bought a 24" BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 144hz e-Sports Gaming Monitor, and where its listed as 24" its size doesn't even get to 22.5"

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K Von Emy



you never really know if they measured the screen or the screen and panel. I recommend checking multiple stores next time and going with the smallest measurement. Ebay is good to because individual people may take a measurement.


usually is a diagonal measurement, but read the small print in the paperwork....


use lap w hdmi to 42 inch tv


i am using a 29" lg ultrawide monitor. this is so big, and with the 2560x1080 resolution ingame experience is very cool


I'm using a 25" LG Ultrawide Monitor. 2560x1080, 60Hz and 5ms response time. Not the best but hey, the FOV is amazing :D


Screen Size: 15 inches