Hellbound in the News

Hellbound in the News

Just got e-mail from Devs ;)

I will share it with you ->

Main site + Sign up now to get access to the closed Beta as soon as it gets available!

-> http://hellboundgame.com

"And we also want to share with you the progress of the project we have just uploaded in this video. Sorry it's in spanish, our native language, but we specially added ENGLISH SUBTITLES for you"




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I wonder, if this will be as good as DOOM or old Quake?

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I saw this in my inbox and deleted it thinking it was spam.  Hopefully the game looks good like the other old school shooter Dusk.


Cool, signed up  :)


Nice! It looks good; can be Nemesis' brother, Lol


applemint said:

Nice! It looks good; can be Nemesis' brother, Lol

Would you watch me play this, or too scary? Haha.


I liked this project, I will apply for a closed beta version of Hellbound!
Looks good Animation Monster HellKnights!


Thanks, signed up.


loccothan said:

I wonder, if this will be as good as DOOM or old Quake?

old Quake. maybe

Never play alone, MMO gives a more complete illusion of real life... xD


thank you!


Thanks, cool!

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