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Depends on what you do with your PC I guess.

With all current games out there I think Intel runs it better because of the stronger single core performance.  With Ryzen you wouldn't suffer too much since they are pretty good also. If you do a lot of video edit or other heavy CPU tasking activities Ryzen will do you a favour with it's many cores and pretty good speed.


Right now im using Intel CPU, but who knows, what future games bring and how well the Ryzen CPU works with it. I will wait a bit longer before changing my rig anyway.


well i would go for amd he never disappointed me only reason i would go for intel is because the game i currently playing require intel cpu blade and soul need i7 7700k my fx 8300 cant run it 60 fps nad in raids it know to drop to 20 fps thats the only reason to go for a intel otherwise amd


Ryzen is currently leading with it's price to performance ratio even though Intel's new coffee-lake looks interesting though.


Ryzen for a smooth, affordable and feature proof gaming.

I am also buying my parts for my new built!  I wait for couple of months till the new refreshed version of ryzen 7 cpus comes out. Instead of 1700 I will jump into 2700 cpu and with the new motherboards with a better memory controller. So better wait 2 months for the refreshed versions!

I have psu, ssds, hdds, case, gpu so I only wait for those 3 parts including ram!


Thanks for your opinions, I think I'll go for Ryzen


it depends on what you need, but it seems amd take a lead than intel in this year with their amd ryzen lineups,  worth in money, has a good price per performance




Intel is best but amd is good and cheaper




If you're going for a starter build i recommend the AMD RYZEN 5 1500X because it's relatively cheap, runs amazing and it's pretty feature- and foolproof

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Who prefers AMD or INTEL?
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