The kings of the tombs have risen from the dead in the first expansion of Total War Warhammer 2

The kings of the tombs have risen from the dead in the first expansion of Total War Warhammer 2

Rise of the Tomb Kings DLC takes us to the once famous and proud Nehekhar, known as the Land of the Dead; the legion of skeletal warriors and the huge scary structures that rise from the sand how would serve to their eternal masters.

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This is cool and the name is good too, The Kings of the Tombs!


Some of my friends did not like Warhammer, but I liked it. The classical development of people in the game is already fed up, but monsters, heroes and so on have made variety.


Should be good! I love and hate total war; its fun but it takes sooooooo long especially if you're playing co-op and your buddy has like 8 million things to do with his stuff. >>;; Thanks for the info though! :)


Just don't call it DLC.

Vote with your wallet.


COOL! Like it!

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Tut would be proud




Pretty cool trailer. Looks like it'll be an exciting addition to the game.




anything Total War Warhammer touch turn into gold

thank you

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The first Total War Warhammer 2 expansion woke up tomb kings from deep sleep to restore their glorious empire.

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