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Inspired by the golden era of skateboarding, the early 90s and early 2000, Session's primary goal is to make you experience what skateboarding really is; an incredible sport where there are no other goals other than expressing your creativity and achieving success through hard work, perseverance and bits of madness for no one else other than yourself. 

The main purpose of the game is to live the sport in its entirety. Feel what it is to be a talented street skater.  Explore and tame the concrete, film yourself, your friends and share your footage on the internet with the worldwide skateboarding community.

Session focuses on the authenticity of skating, both in the way the game feels and is presented to the player.  Based on this philosophy, each feature makes the game even more innovative, fun and respectful to the skateboarding culture. 


In Session each stick represents your feet.  From there, every skateboard is your instruction manual.  Just think about how you would move your feet or transfer your weight while on a skateboard and apply that to the sticks.


In Session it’s not only a matter of getting on your grinds but it’s also important to work on finding the sweet spot in order to keep your balance, slide longer and have it steezy! 

Putting too much weight on the wheels while sliding will slow you down, reduce your ''pop out'' or eventually end up with a wheel bite. On the other hand, if you don't put enough weight, you'll end up falling or losing your trick. 

Eventually, you'll be able to apply some wax to reach greater distances but remember, it won't fix all your problems!


Focus on what skateboarding really is! If a handrail inspires you to do a backside lipslide, then so be it! We won’t dictate which tricks are worth more. But if you really feel like getting recognition for your hard work, share it and maybe you’ll become a virtual pro skater.



Filming has always been a big part of the skateboarding culture. Session will feature an extended video editor that will allow the player to perform their tricks; edit, create a montage in-game and share it through all the most popular social media platforms (available social media platforms will vary depending on chosen game platform).


Time to setup your spot lights! Whether you want to nail that rail gap as dawn light shines over the city, or are looking to tear up a pool at midnight, you can pick your prime skating time.

Have your filmer friend ready and rip some sick night footage!  Those late night sessions are the best!


Session is not just another skateboarding game. It is something that will live on and grow with the community and with those who wish to get involved. 

Join us and turn Session into the most authentic game that represents what the skateboarding culture really is.

Everyone’s unique, we know it but skaters need to show their colors. This is part of the skate culture and it’s no different in Session. From the type of the cap you wear, to the colors of your bolts, you'll have access to in-depth character and skateboard customization to show off your style!



Session’s progression system rewards those who repeat, persevere and keep trying. The more you do your tricks, the more consistent you become, the higher the pop, the easier the catch will be and more!

The progression system in Session is based on what you do and how often.  For example, if you keep doing kickflips, you're gonna get better at it. You'll be able to flip faster when you need to, pop higher and have an easier time catching your trick. This way your skills will continuously open new venues and spots to shred!  However, if you think everything you gain stays forever, you're wrong! Like any other athlete, if you don't keep practicing, you'll lose that edge!


Build a better tomorrow, with us! Session is built upon the concept of city hubs that will grow on a regular basis and evolve based on your feedback.

With the help of heat maps and in-game feedback tools, we'll have useful information about skater habits across the cities, the most skated spots and what they like or don't like. This will help us identify what we should be fixing or modifying first! 

A spot sucks? Let us know, we’ll put construction signs for a couple weeks and we'll fix it. This skate plaza is always empty? Development metrics will tell us why and we'll redo it.



Every city hubs are directly inspired by real life cities with accurate and to-scale reproductions of their most legendary and best skate spots. Have a spot you want to see? Let us know! Session is the right place to be vocal.  


Skate with friends online, have a game of skate on the couch, film a big part with your filmer friends or simply go to your favorite secret hubba and have a session!

Online Filmer Mode - ConceptOnline Filmer Mode - Concept


The filmer mode allows a second player to follow their skater friends online and film their performance live during the session. 

Controls scheme is subject to changeControls scheme is subject to change

It also lets the player record movies easily while following their friends and find the best angles without feeling overwhelmed.  It's designed to help the player feel like a professional cameraman, with presets such as auto-follow, auto target, optimal angles and much more. 









Marc-Andre Houde, skate addict, Stuck in the 90s , he's had better years but is still skating. He's this uncle who still dresses like a teenager, refuses to grow up and builds mini ramps on Sunday afternoon with his kids while neighbors mow their grass and clean their driveways. 

15+ years game developer for several renowned game studios in Montreal, his expertise includes 3D animation and modeling, artistic, animation and creative direction for games and team management. 

Vincent Da Silva, aspiring skater-on-paper, just don’t ask him to get on a board or he’ll end up flat on his back! But damn this guy knows how to...complain!

He's been programming for 20+ years, 15 of which have been as a programmer in the video game industry.  He met Marc-Andre at WB Games Montreal and together they co-founded crea-ture Studios.

Senior Programmer, will be hired to help us develop our Video Editing & Sharing mode as well as help us bring Session to Early Access and Xbox Game Preview.

Senior Artist, will be hired to help us make the Video Editing & Sharing mode look and feel awesome as well as help us bring more content to Session for Early Access and Xbox Game Preview.


We've been hearing your requests for a Kickstarter campaign for a while now and they haven't fallen on deaf ears.  We just wanted to make sure it was the right time and that we had something for you guys to try and play around with.  Now is that time. 
Although we have already managed to secure some funds to bring Session to Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview, we felt that given a little more resources we could give Session that extra edge before putting it into your hands.
We know we still have a lot of work ahead of us and we need your support to bring this game to the next level.  With your help and feedback, Session will become much more than just a skateboard game...
Let's make Session happen!