antivirus? Who choose?

antivirus? Who choose?

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I think antivirus are not obligatory , if you don't open suspicious mails, go on website that can phising on your laptop, and if you don't go on streaming websites and adults websites, because none of those two are secured.

Watch out your mails, go on secured websites, and all will be safe !

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ja na ten momet nie urzywam zadnego wczesniej awast


right, most of virus comes from website, mails, and streaming site that had to many ads, mistakenly clicking the ads may downloading the virus into your computer without your permission, ,that happen just like to my friends a week ago, and since the virus is really bad we had only choose to reinstall the windows, and losing the data, but it is the best if u still using an antivirus, for me i think windows defender was good, as long as you keep it up to date. and stay away from suspicious sites




for me the antivirus quoted by you is very good, but the experience that I had him and that ends up messing up the games due to the upload, and automatic download