EA maybe will not bring back microtransactions to Star Wars Battlefront II

EA maybe will not bring back microtransactions to Star Wars Battlefront II

It seems that Electronic Arts finally admitted defeat by stating that Star Wars Battlefront II might not contain microtransactions. Namely, the chief financial officer of the firm, Blake Jorgensen, recently told investors that a controversial cash grabbing system could pass by the sequel of Star Wars Battlefront.

During the 37th Nasdaq Investor Conference, which was held yesterday, Jorgensen stated the following:


"It is clear that we are very focused on listening to consumers and understanding what they want. However, we are working to improve system of progression. Microtransactions we shut down how we could work on that system within the game. We're still doing that. I think the updates are coming next week and a week later. Over time, we will explain whether we want to engage in microtransactions or not, and on what way we would do this.

Of course, yesterday's announcement does not fit with earlier claims by Electronic Arts. Specifically, the company in middle of 11th month announced how remove of microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront II is just temporary then that the system will be restored as soon as all necessary changes to balance are completed. Also, Jorgensen alone clearly pointed out that EA does not intend to give up on microtransactions.

Electronic Arts director of finance ultimately a company that he works for called "an organization that teaches" and listens to its players. But, despite his sweet words it is hard to believe that EA will give up on the system from which is making greasy money.

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inb4 they just rename them and try to pass them off as something new


You can tell back tracking was never in the cards for EA.

Vote with your wallet.


EA will sink at one day because of greed. Trust.


I don't trust'em.
And I think such promo actions wouldn't help'em to save their reputation. It's already lost.


I doubt it, EA has been super greedy the past few years....I'm sure they'll bring it back in another form...


Now nobody actually believes it.


They will find a way... they always do


We will see EA. If you are right this time consider doing the same for any of your other games as well. Backpedal a bit. I remembered when Ubisoft was the bad publisher, but now you became part of that club again. Now Ubisoft tries to do better.


Star Wars™: Battlefront™ II Ultimate Team™ coming soon


Glad to hear!

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It looks like Electronic Arts may ultimately change its mind about bringing back microtransactions to Star Wars Battlefront II despite the earlier statement that it will become available after a change in balance.

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