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Steamgifts Dynamic Signature Tutorial (Updated)

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This is a quick tutorial on how to use the Steamgifts banner (dynamic signature) on your giveaway threads. It isn't mandatory that you use it, but it helps the community quickly see if your giveaway is still active and also helps the mods be able to easily see when the giveaway has ended, so we can lock it, without having to go to your steamgifts.  And anyone who uses a dynamic signature on their giveaway (and follows the other rules of course) will get a +1 from me when I'm locking it.


1. Go to your steamgifts giveaway and click on "dynamic signature" at bottom left.


2. Copy the text, as shown below, from your dynamic signature. Do not copy brackets.


3. Then on your Alienware Arena thread, Click on the icon shown below.


4.Paste the text you copied from your giveaway in the box as shown below.


5. This is an example of what it should look like.


6.Go back to your steamgifts giveaway dynamic signature and copy the text as shown below (no brackets)


7.Now on your thread click on the Link tab as shown below.


8. Paste the text you copied the second time in the URL box as show below.


9. This is an example of what it should look like.


10. Click the OK button at the bottom and you're all done.


Add whatever other text you want to your giveaway and post it. That's it. i hope this helps. Feel free to ask questions if you have any problems. Cheers.

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Don't laugh at me... but can you create a tutorial on how to create a thread with pics uploaded from pc directly instead of uploading it to a page then link it here..... creating a good thread ( especially a gamming news thread are kinda hard/annoying 

There is an alternate way to do it that is easier if you are doing it from a computer.

if you highlight your dynamic signature like this

and then you press CTRL C  to copy

And then you go to your post and press CTRL V it automatically inserts the image and links to your giveaway