Is the steam controller a viable option?

Is the steam controller a viable option?

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I am intend to purchase a controller for "bed gaming".

So yeah, is anybody here experienced with the steam controller?

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no steam controller sucks don't ever use it for the love of god


I Love my Steam controller they can be a pain to set up with non steam games but generally the comunity have set the controller up to play justy about everygame you can think of and set it up much better than you ever will


it seems nice but you would want to have another controller as backup 


Heck, looks like I'll be getting an Xbox controller instead.


Go for the Xbox controller. Works like a charm on a windows OS. :)


Oh BTW. Make sure it's the Xbox Wireless Controller.


Stay away from the Steam controller. From my experience it's not good, but then again the controller is very game genre specific. You're better off putting money towards a Xbox wireless or Dualshock 4 controller.


Bought it, tried it and it is now rests peacefully in my electronics graveyard





Only buy it if it's on sale through steam I'd say. Personally I own the Razer Serval and I absolutely love it! The buttons feel like presses of a smooth & clicky PC mouse.