Is OneDrive good?

Is OneDrive good?

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I wanted to know if it's good for saving documents and music or I should look for another.

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As opposed to what? 


Meh Im sure they are fine of course with any cloud service if you care about anybody seeing your data you should encrypt it before uploading.


It's easy to use.  But small :(




If you have the know how setup your own cloud service using either one that comes on an external hard drive like Western Digital or ownCloud.  Otherwise stick with Dropbox or Google Drive, decent amount of space and most people already have access.


Just put "not important stuff you still care about" there, like your 100% save games.


idk i use it for my School stuff


OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, ICloud, Amazon Drive, MEGA, BOX, NextCloud, IDrive.

Does it really matter, all it does it store stuff on the internet so you can access it somewhere else. If you seemed troubled, then just get a simple flash drive or portable hard drive


I would keep all the important files that matter to you on a local backup drive. I only use Cloud base storage for games so that I can access them anywhere I want to play my games. 



it's practical yep, but as this is in the security forums: you always need to consider what you store and what might happen to the data. You kinda give away your data so you need to 'trust' that no one else accesses it. If you are unsure about encrypt it first to achieve confidentiality even when the data is getting 'stolen' or misused.