Age of Empires? I,II or III?

Age of Empires? I,II or III?

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I think Age of Empires II was the best one, because he upgraded the 1st one and didnt fall was the 3rd.

I just cant play the 3rd, so different that looks like a new game.

Instead plaing the 3rd, i prefer play Stronghold.

Which the best one for you?


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In my opinion AOE II is by far the best, I have all the collection and can´t play the third as well...


II, no doubts


AOE 1` is all ive played,   I never have won one match far as I can recall lol.   I take too long building recources I guess.


II is the best. If you like to have dlcs in your games, just pickup III.


II of course


AoE II simply the best :)


2 of course


3 has a tottaly different gameplay, It is still enjoyable, but it's sadly dying already for around 6 years, developers didn't balance nations, they didnt give a single F about community and so the game died in popularity pretty quickly. If you could find a single player cd without any expansions and with a discount, I'd suggest you to tottaly buy it! It's great for like a month with all the multiplayer stuff and campaign!


probs 2, its better than 1 or 3


I just got AOE 1 and 2.. but never tried 3 yet.