Half life 3 going to be made?

Half life 3 going to be made?

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I thought half life 3 wasnt going to be made, i heard the creator said that was off the table, but a friend of mine said he saw a (probably fake) new saying it was coming. 

someone know something about it? 

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No way! I dont want to disappoint you but gabe won't make half life 3!


He might decide to make it eventually but there's no plans on beginning development on a 3rd game for the foreseeable future.

On the rate Gabe keeps getting rounder and rounder, chances are he'll eat himself to death anyway but as long as he doesn't, there's always hope that maybe some day he'll make Half Life 3. But that's just a distant hope that maybe not today, not tomorrow, not a year from now, probably not even a decade from now but SOME DAY the game will happen. There are no actual facts to keep that hope alive, only wishful thinking. :'(


Considering their only activity recently has been a VR mini-game collection and a cash-grab card game based on DotA I doubt VALVe is focused on dedicated game development anymore since their rolling in the green already thanks to Steam.




Mayday someday~


Half Life 3 Confirmed but only when steam have upgraded GUI :)


It will be done together with Bully 2 hahaahaha


Wait for eternity.


Gabe is a billionaire from Steam alone.  He doesn't need to risk his reputation with Half-Life 3.

The sea does not forgive and the sea does not forget.


halflife 3 is dead here the story from the writer website and by the way the names are kind of edited because you guys want to have copyright issues