Show off your World of Warcraft Transmogs

Show off your World of Warcraft Transmogs

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I dont do much transmogging at the moment but figured id share the one I had made

Orc Hunter 
Transmog Idea : Mechanical Lifeform

Some will love you for who you are; Others will love the mask that you wear


Here is my cute little undead rogue!

My transmog is some kind of magical djinn thing? No idea but I love it.


♥ cutie rogue ♥

Paladin ! with his nonmatching gloves and boots. :/



Zithon said:

Orc Hunter 
Transmog Idea : Mechanical Lifeform

Damn, that one is pretty awesome!

Here is my Holy Priest and my Death Knight!


Looks Lit af...



Marufi said:

I dont play world of warcraft ;-;

Could never afford it myself...

But if I played a DK, I'd make it look black/red, with as many skulls possible, so it would seem a true metalhead. \m/


i dont play this game and i dont like WOW but that transmogs are nice 




Thats really cool


iv been really wait tis game to improve


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Show me your best transmogs in World of Warcraft.
Uploaded by hiryu91

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