ELEAGUE Playoffs Fantasy Contest Results

ELEAGUE Playoffs Fantasy Contest Results

The ELEAGUE Playoffs Fantasy Contest had over 500 participants and here are the 10 prize winners from the eligible countries*:

  1. Endymi0n - 217
  2. Fr4mbo - 217
  3. wiltingodin - 217
  4. Kilrenos - 217
  5. jkccl9 - 204
  6. Mr.Snoutz - 201.5
  7. michmaster - 201
  8. rockman1 - 197.5
  9. Nuggetstfc - 193
  10. Ninerism - 189.5

*Winners are from eligible countries (US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia/New Zealand).

Prize winners will each be receiving a $50 Steam Gift Card via email over the next week.

Also, here were the overall top placers regardless of country/prizing eligibility.

  1. pROQAZ - 235
  2. likhodeev43 - 231
  3. Frasson98 - 221.5
  4. 21 Players Tied with 217 Points

We'll be continuing the eSports Fantasy program in November, so stay tuned...


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Congrats!  Don't spend that $50 all in one place.


OMFG, I didn't know I made it to the top, thank god it's for eligible countries xd. Thank you Alienware. 





They're really lucky people


Gratz to the winners! The 4 on the bottom should try moving to US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia/New Zealand.




Congratz and well played, guys!



YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7mEPcR762tBTlVnt4_TGSg


Congratz to the Winners!!!

"The skins of those you love will fly as my Banners."




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The results from the ELEAGUE Playoffs Fantasy Contest are in. See the Top 10 overall and prize winners...

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