This is interesting: Blizzard Arena Los Angeles

This is interesting: Blizzard Arena Los Angeles

World-class esports have a new home in the entertainment capital of the world. Blizzard Entertainment today unveiled Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, a cutting-edge live-event destination for pro players, esports fans, and everyone else who loves premier competition. Situated in the legendary Burbank Studios, once home to groundbreaking television shows, the studio at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles has been custom-tailored to support an exciting live-event experience for local attendees and broadcast audiences around the world. When the Arena opens for business on October 7, top competitors from across Blizzard esports will be the newest stars to shine on one of the most celebrated stages in television history.

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When did this start being built ?



Again, the most interesting things happen in another country =((


sashok88 said:

Again, the most interesting things happen in another country =((

Same :(



when they build a Blizzard theme park? :D


monstre said:

when they build a Blizzard theme park? :D



Such an odd announcement, but it could just become the de facto esports arena in the West coast. Definitely seems like a lucrative business pursuit


edit, nvm... just did some further reading, it's on Burbank Studios, and can sit approximately 450 people. Definitely a closed environment


Hearth Stone's latest updates let me know that they can't do it well


not interesting =/




I'm looking forward to the events that Blizzard will be hosting there

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