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What is the best Indie Game for you?

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Hey, i want to buy a new game, and i would change, AAA are very similar between them, i want an Indie Game, but i know nothing in this world, i can i buy? I want your advices.

i haven't money limit.

Thanks everybody.

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Coffee Lover

bastion,stardew (if you like rune factory/harvest moon),transistor,ori and the blind forest,ghost of a tale (great story rpg),dont starve,this war of mine.

Thanks, i bought Stardew Valley, and i really loved it, thanks all for your replies, i'll try your other game later =D

if you like top down shooters then i suggest Jamestown (also nice soundtrack)
Life is strange is popular although i never played it
someone already said Ori and the blind forest
Puzzle games > The Talos Principle made by Croteam & Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons (Controller recommended but you can use mouse/keyboard)

Pixel game >The Last Door this one is unquie you can buy it ons team or just play it for free on a game website like Kongregate. i bought it since it was on sale right now on steam (ends in 45 hours from now)
Limbo is puzzle game with no voice or text of talking and the experience is mainly based around what you see

I have a lot more indie games but there the (I want more suggestions even if there just decent)
the only game i recommended you not to buy is Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and the downvotes are not a joke, it's really annoying people gave it a bunch of thumbs up but i feel like that was before they left the noob servers (level1-5 servers)


I really love Banished. Picked it up on sale and didnt expect much, and now Im 600+ hours deep in it. Highly recommend it if youre into city-builder, city management type games :)


To the moon is best indie game ever you must play before die.


Braid. It's a 2D puzzle-platformer about time travel. Save the princess, who is gone because you made a mistake.

It's getting a remaster this year.