Everspace blasts out of early access on May 26

Everspace blasts out of early access on May 26

Tom wasn't too keen on Everspace when he played the newly minted early access version back in September of last year, so I'm hoping it's been made a bit more exciting since then. An update this week has added functional cockpit displays, a "mysterious alien race" and other changes, as the roguelike-ish, sci-fi, VR-enabled starfighter shooter transitions to a full release next month.

Everspace launches (for real) on May 26, and you can watch the latest trailer below.

So what does version 0.7 add, if you've been milling about in Everspace's early access version? You can read the full patch notes here, but here are the big new features added:

  • Added mysterious alien race, referred to as "The Ancients"
  • Added ancient structures, which work as shortcuts
  • Added Glyphs, the second kind of Enhancements
  • Added functional, animated cockpit displays for all player ships
  • Added option to hide HUD in cockpit view
  • Added new device: Missile Turret

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Looks like a lot of fun.


I really like its esthetics.


Star Wars?


cool games


Can't wait to play it. Looking great.


Haven't heard about this game yet. Looks interesting, thanks for sharing!


I think this is a trend - space games
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I blast in this game


Yay, looks great :) about time for more space games to come. Ty for sharing

Scout Class looks like real fun ...


nice one 


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But before that, here's another early access update.

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