Hearthstone Login rewards!

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If you are a hearthstone player and played regularly, you might have already received this daily reward. However, if you are not a regular like me, you may want to check this out as there is a legendary card reward on April 5th. 

Here’s the complete list of login rewards for the Year of the Mammoth celebration:

March 29th: 50 gold
March 30th: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card pack
March 31st: 100 Dust
April 1st: Whispers of the Old Gods card pack
April 2nd: Journey to Un’Goro card pack
April 3rd: 50 gold
April 4th: Journey to Un’Goro card pack
April 5th: Golden Volcanosaur card


What cha waiting for? Log in today to receive your reward! 

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So far sooooo good, I can't wait for that golden legendary!