Season 1 - Week 7 Results

Season 1 - Week 7 Results

Week 7 results are based on 40 ESL Pro League matches between March 20-26th. Here are the prize winners from the eligible countries*:

  1. michmaster - 509.9
  2. enemy20 - 472.2
  3. wd40 - 470.3
  4. starkiller91 - 470.2
  5. OrgWithaStick - 469.4

*Winners are from eligible countries (US, Canada, UK).

We'll be reaching out to the Top 5 about their $20 Steam gift card prize later this week.

Additionally, here were the overall Top 5, regardless of country:

  1. michmaster - 509.9
  2. skycylce - 497.1
  3. kidmoteen - 491.3
  4. enemy20 - 472.2
  5. wd40 - 470.3

Remember that lineups are open every Monday until midnight (PST). Make sure to set your lineups every Monday!

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You guys might have messed up on mine? Leader board ( )says I have 469.4 and you totally skipped icespider he might have won instead.

/edit nvm I read it wrong he wasn't in the top 5 over all. But my points are still posted wrong should be 469.4 inless icespider is eligible then he should be there instead.

:Dog: I'm just here for the nachos.


Gratz to the top 5
Game on!




Top 5 the great!!


Now that's an achievement!


michmaster  no.1?!cool


nice, and gratz 

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I was 6th overrall,how i didnt win...About points is it a mistake that i had 470.2 or im not eligible?





my team still fails :)

  • 248 Points


Week 7 results are based on 40 ESL Pro League matches between March 20-26th.

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