Season 1 - Week 7 Results

Season 1 - Week 7 Results

Week 7 results are based on 40 ESL Pro League matches between March 20-26th. Here are the prize winners from the eligible countries*:

  1. michmaster - 509.9
  2. enemy20 - 472.2
  3. wd40 - 470.3
  4. starkiller91 - 470.2
  5. OrgWithaStick - 469.4

*Winners are from eligible countries (US, Canada, UK).

We'll be reaching out to the Top 5 about their $20 Steam gift card prize later this week.

Additionally, here were the overall Top 5, regardless of country:

  1. michmaster - 509.9
  2. skycylce - 497.1
  3. kidmoteen - 491.3
  4. enemy20 - 472.2
  5. wd40 - 470.3

Remember that lineups are open every Monday until midnight (PST). Make sure to set your lineups every Monday!

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You guys might have messed up on mine? Leader board ( )says I have 469.4 and you totally skipped icespider he might have won instead.

/edit nvm I read it wrong he wasn't in the top 5 over all. But my points are still posted wrong should be 469.4 inless icespider is eligible then he should be there instead.

I'm just here for the nachos


Gratz to the top 5
Game on!




Top 5 the great!!


Now that's an achievement!


michmaster  no.1?!cool


nice, and gratz 

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I was 6th overrall,how i didnt win...About points is it a mistake that i had 470.2 or im not eligible?





my team still fails :)

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Week 7 results are based on 40 ESL Pro League matches between March 20-26th.

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