Season 1 - Week 4 Results

Season 1 - Week 4 Results

There were 38 matches from IEM Katowice determining the Week 4 winners*:

  1. Dyceyboi - 400.9
  2. michmaster - 389.8
  3. Glassboard - 389.0
  4. TheDomoBox - 387.4
  5. Estoppel - 382.4

*Winners are from eligible countries (US, Canada, UK).

michmaster continues to make the top 5 as he has been in the Top 5 in 3-of-4 weeks.

Remember that lineups are open every Monday until midnight (PST). So, make sure to build your lineup before the end of the day.

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Congratz to the top 5 winners!

Game on!


congratulations to winners! 

AWA,  please,  next time remember us (all Europe) too,  for giveaways,  esport, etc.... :) 

AWAsome AlienWareArena!!!


Dang i was so off lol. congratz though


michmaster has been killin' it. 




Congrats guys!



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GerwalkVulcan said:

congratulations to winners! 

AWA,  please,  next time remember us (all Europe) too,  for giveaways,  esport, etc.... :) 

it's your goverment's fault


good job guys



good job guys

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Week 4 results were based on 38 IEM Katowice 2017 matches with three repeat winners in the Top 5!

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