Defense Grid 2 Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Defense Grid 2 Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Defense Grid 2 Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Stand your ground and defend yourself against the invading horde in the sequel to the acclaimed original game. Enter the Defense Grid 2 closed beta and fight for your very existence.

Included in the closed beta is the Defense Grid 2 map editor. Create an Alienware themed map and enter it into our Defense Grid 2 map contest. The top five maps will receive $100 Steam gift card and the grand prize winner will win an Alienware X51!

About Defense Grid 2:
The sequel to the acclaimed PC-based tower defense strategy game, Defense Grid 2 promises a completely new storyline with all new aliens and towers, multiple new game play modes and level types, new conflicts, and enhanced graphics.

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Thanks Alienware.


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