Orcs Must Die! Unchained Alpha Key Giveaway - North America

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Alpha Key Giveaway - North America

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Alpha Key Giveaway - North America

Choose your hero and unleash your minions as you attack and defend your way to this alpha key giveaway!

Orcs Must Die! Unchained is a fast-paced Fortress Siege action game in which teams of heroes battle head-to-head to attack and defend ancient strongholds. For the first time in Orcs Must Die!, teams of players are responsible for both sides of the battle -- building traps to stop the enemy assault AND summoning their own armies to lead against the enemy defense.

New Set of Keys Added on June 20th!

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Features:

  • Attack and Defend - White-knuckle Fortress Siege action puts you into the thick of competitive siege warfare. Unleash your minions and charge into the heart of the enemy stronghold and build an impenetrable gauntlet of traps to hack, grind, flatten, gibletize and incinerate your foes. Your team must master both tactics to triumph.
  • Choose Your Hero - Dozens of unique and powerful heroes offer deep gameplay options at all skill levels. Old friends the War Mage and Sorceress return to face new enemy heroes like Blackpaw, Midnight, Stinkeye, and Bloodspike. Whether players prefer might and majesty or scum and villainy, there’s a hero for everyone.
  • Collect & Customize - Collect and upgrade powerful heroes, over-the-top weapons, devious traps and fiendish minions. Build an arsenal from an enormous variety of options, and customize a strategy for every match. New heroes, weapons, traps, and minions are continuously added, and your collection will never stop evolving!

About Orcs Must Die! Unchained:
Orcs Must Die! Unchained is set in the familiar world of its humorous fantasy predecessors, years after the finale of Orcs Must Die! 2. With the discovery of dozens of new rifts and magical worlds beyond them, heroes have come from far and wide to wage all-out war for control of these valuable gateways. In the years since Orcs Must Die! 2, the War Mage and Sorceress have rebuilt the once-mighty Order. Their new enemy, the Unchained, is not the mindless horde defeated twice before, but instead an organized army led by powerful heroes.

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pls add more ^^


awesome ty


Oh, interesting :) thanks


Won't let me redeem?




Thank you!


WOO HOO loved the first 2 games!!! thank you so much!!


Won't let me redeem either. ): "Error! Unfortunately, a key could not be assigned to you. This can occur for one of several reasons, including: 1) We've ran out of keys before we could assign one to you while you were in the queue. 2) You are in a country or region that is not eligible to receive a key. 3) A key has already been assigned to you." 1. It says there are still 7.7k keys available 2. I live in the US in California 3. I don't see one... ):


Thanks AWA.


awesome TY!

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How To Get Your Giveaway

  • 1. Visit www.orcsmustdie.com and click "Register for Beta" in the top right.
  • 2. Once you have registered an account and are logged in, go here and enter your assigned alpha key.
  • 3. Once you have redeemed your key, you'll be able to download the game here.

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