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does the amplifier increase ram too when laptop is plugged in? ie) alienware 13 normally is 4gb ram. Plugged in increase it to 8gb?


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Sorry for the dumb question, Having read through some of the threads to the original post, is DDU = Display Driver Uninstaller? Is it included in an Alienware Laptop or can uninstall program work. Also, if DDU in not included in an Alienware what would a good one to be to install?  



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I got my A17, GA and a mid-price AMD card (not sure of model and not home to check) about a year ago and set it up and everything worked fine. However recently I started the machine and it loaded the laptop graphics. When I attempted to access the AMD setup it said "no AMD graphics card installed." I checked the GA and the alien logo was dark. The fans on the card and the GA are not spinning. The power supply appears to be working. A USB thumb drive I have plugged into the GA lights up and is visible to the laptop so data is flowing through the GA cable. I suspect the graphic card died, but before I run out and buy a replacement I would like to make sure it's not a problem with the GA. I disassembled everything and put it back together with no result. Unfortunately I have neither a spare card nor a spare PC to swap out for testing purposes. (I don't have nay PC savvy friends nearby to swap parts with, either.) Any ideas on what else to do before I bite the bullet and buy a replacement card? BTW, I'm thinking everything is *just* out of warranty. 

Howdy LordConn,

I apologize if this seems like a redundant question, but we have to start somewhere LOL...  You said you disassembled the GA, does that mean that you disconnected the GA cable from both the AMP and the Laptop?  Have you verified that the latest version of the Graphics Amp software is installed?  What about the Alienware Command Center?  Something else to try, is to force a full reset of your system.  When Windows 10 shuts down "normally," it is an abbreviated shutdown, where it creates an image file of the kernel space, and shuts off.  When you turn it back on, instead of re-initializing everything, it just loads them back up from the sate of the last run.  This can cause an issue if a driver is in a "weird" state, and this can be rectified by performing a "full" shutdown in Windows 10.  The easiest way to do this, is to restart after the system has loaded.  This will perform a normal shutdown and reboot.

Something else you can try is a "battery drain" which will force all of the volatile nvram to be refreshed, and can cure things.  The steps for doing this differ, depending on which system you have.  On my 17 R3 (2015 model), I normally would just pop the bottom off, and disconnect the battery for about 2 minutes, and plug back in.  If after you have done all of this, and the Amp doesn't fully power on, you have most likely confirmed you have a hardware fault.  It could be the graphics card, or it could be the Amp itself.  I highly doubt you have a hardware issue, unless you were having overheating issues inside it, but if you do, the best thing to would be to call Alienware on the phone.  They can verify warranty support, and help you isolate the issue.  If you are out of warranty, they might be able to offer you a repair that would cost less than buying a new one.

I had a similar incident with my amp (has a GTX 1070 FE installed), where a simple cable disconnect, reconnect and full shutdown resolved it.  Good luck!

Rich S. 

Thank you for the reply and suggestions. Sorry for the delay in replying, I haven't logged on the Arena in months.