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Hi, All-

I was able to get the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 GAMING, 11G-P4-6593-KR, 11GB GDDR5X, iCX Technology - 9 Thermal Sensors & RGB LED G/P/M to work great in the Graphics Amplifier.  All it took was installing the recently released drivers through NVidia Experience App on my 17 R4.  I played FF XIV on maxed-out settings for hours last night without any hiccup.

My issue lies in that in the Command Center App, it shows where the Graphics Amplifier tab is, but it won't load anything other than info about buying on  the disconnect FN + F1 key combo also does nothing  shutting the computer off works fine, and then disconnecting the cable  the laptop then reboots and reads/operates fine.

Any suggestions on how to get the command center and other items to work?




FYI as of launch on 8/14 I am not able to get the AMD Vega RX 64 to work with the AGA. Every 3D application (games, Oculus Rift) crashes the moment it tries to render 3D. General use is fine, though it exhibits random flickers of laptop and monitor like it lost connection.


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I have both an 17 r3 and 17r4 and just ordered the amp,  looking for some advice on the best card to get that fits in the case.   I have a budget of 900 or so and plan on using it to extend the life of the internal card 


Hi guys,

I am having some difficulties setting up the AGA. I have an Alienware 13 and recently just purchased a AGA and a ZOTAC 1060 to boost its capability. However, when I tried to install the latest driver and did a reboot, the device manager returns code 43 on 1060. I have done a thorough research online and none of the solutions works for me. I have tried to roll it back to an older driver, specifically the 327.70, which was claimed to be the solution for a few people. I also use DDU to uninstall any Nvidia driver before attempting to install a different driver. I followed exactly the instructions given in the first post for installation but no sign that it is working. Have any of you have to enable hotplug to get it works?

Command center shows that I am connecting to the AGA, and all of my external usb devices connecting to the AGA showed under my directory, so that means I have no issue connection wise. I really appreciate if somebody would help me troubleshoot this, before I get too frustrated and return the AGA. I really don't want to. Anw thanks in advance guys.