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Trump aka Potus


Guys lets just go back to play pong or go or chess again. Oh  sorry they will be also limited as they are violent too you not allowed to score or take opponents figures off anymore because its logical and considered "violence" that teaches you how to destroy your opponent more efficiently and logically great idea MR T. Dont blame fukin movies like "the saw" or "how to get away with murder" series where ppl get the great idea of how to DIY their own POOF  .Lets blame the games that entertain. How nice to have the option to drive through several red traffic lights or play with a fire engine in middle town, or beat up the guy who pulls you out of your car because you press the horn. Its not happening in real life its a game supposed to be fun and get out of the daily stress of rush rush rush. Or sit down and play sniper for a while there are ppl who do that for the living are they not violent, bet some even enjoy what they doing. Who the heck is a guy who create twisted bullshit anyway like the saw why they allowed to publish shite like that. How is it possible that they not injected yet with a lethal dose of poison? Is he a completely sane person walking on the streets having his twisted ideas of how to torture butcher a human WHY IS these guys STILL WALKING ALIVE? 


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Its not easy to comment on something like this because there are so many different opinions out there.  Do I think its video game violence that causes these kids to do such violent actions in real life?  No, I do not think that video games are the cause of such violence.  I think the cause goes much deeper than that.  Billions of people are playing these games in any number of countries, states, cities, or communities, but you don't see or hear about billions of people becoming violent.  My opinion is that there should be more focus on what is happening in and around these schools that could cause a kid to take such drastic and violent actions.  Talking about bullying, and putting on a happy face, and telling people to be nice to each other may not be enough.  When something like this happens, law enforcement should investigate the social environment surrounding the person who took such extreme action .  Bullying, abuse (both physical and mental), harassment, and any number of issues can push a kid over the edge. The questions that should be addressed, is how and why such problems were not seen and acted on by parents, teachers, and the community.  My comment/opinion is getting a little long and may be getting a little vague, so to keep it short... I don't think any type of game would cause someone to become a bad person.  I believe that the actual cause is more likely the negative social environment in which a person interacts with on a daily basis that could push that person over the edge. 


Just why did America voted for him !?


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