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Piracy will always happen. Those who pirate want the game for free. Most Pirating people give it away for free but there are those who will try to make money off the pirated game and that is the loss that the game makers hate the most.

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Sooner or later pirates will do their thing



s7e0e1 said:

I believe that there's no game can't be cracked.

Well, except the games with online only mode like Titanfall and Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 has single player offline only for XBOX and PS, because the game will get cracked


пираты найдут способ взломать, вопрос времени





I'm happy because Ubisoft is an evil company like EA and activision.




Denuvo is not a good thing. 
DRM is anti-consumer. 
The bloody thing is trashing game performance, which is more than enough reason that it MUST go! 
Various DRMs have caused LOTS of problems over the years for a multitude of users. 
I buy my games, but often end up getting patches to remove the DRM. I've been very happy with the results. 

Personally, I've had a lot of DRM issues over the years. Including horrible performance, sometimes so bad it made the game unplayable. DRM screwing up my cd/dvd burner so I couldn't write a usable disk. That really messed up my backing up data. Constant grinding of the cd/dvd or hard drive. There were some other issues, but these are the biggies I've had to deal with. If you're wondering how I know it was the DRM?  Easy, when I removed the DRM, the issues went away completely, and they only started when the software was installed with the DRM in the first place.

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