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Another victory over the denova. keep it up


I had fears that they would ruin the AC series with this part, but it only gets better and better :3


Dropped the series after AC III


Reminder that Ubisoft at one point said that 93% of their games gets pirated. They could bullshit their way out of everything when it came to piracy.

It's not even about protecting the sale of the game. Thanks to Denuvo, many games that don't have it, shows close to no difference between sales compared to games with Denuvo attached.

I'm also still baffled on how Assassin's creed is still relevant these days.


Yes, yes, and pirates never have to put up with the BS that actual paying customers do. 

Vote with your wallet.


Piracy is the evil!


always the fight with piracy and antipiracy, somehow they got over one over other.


Good to hear  :)

“Winning isn't everything--but wanting to win is.” ― Vince Lombardi Jr.


I believe that there's no game can't be cracked.


The only way for publishers to avoid their games is to allow them to play them only through a platform of games in the cloud or make them in multiplayer online, that's why we see more and more online multiplayer games and fewer single player ones, that way they can control the life cycle of the game and close servers when they want, and some players seem happy with that.