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Witcher is best

Niemand ist perfekt


perelol said:

lol@dota 2.... people really seem to have too much money on their hands

Or they just enjoy the game and buy cosmetics for customization

Humble Bundle-


Witcher 3, such a game!


H1Z1 ???


Nice! Happy to see that most games deserve to be up there, especially the Witcher 3! I was going to say it pays off to release quality material but then saw H1Z1 on top :P




Witcher 3 and Divininty 2! Thats nice! :)




  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands



iubjaved said:
Ninerism said:

Dota 2 and CS:GOis why Valve no longer make games. They make more money from people paying for cosmetics. Why make games when you make money from simply changing an image.

Valve is working on a new card game called 'Artifact' though. And apart from that, why bother when they can earn more from market transaction, workshop and steam store commission ? Why not work on existing games such as tf2 other than working on a new game , letting a nice game like tf2 die like that? Only Gaben knows xD

Online card games are the easiest way to make money from selling things that don't even exist. Especially when there will most likely be booster packs that people get addicted to buying to try and get "rare" cards that are just pictures on a screen. Valve has created several markets making money from things that don't exist. They won't go back to what they were.