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Thank you very much for the chance, good luck everyone!


Lets GO!


This is a great opportunity by Alienware


Hmmm.... This is an interesting giveaway/contest. Guess I'ma have to see what the best possible rig is I can setup and cross my fingers.


Edit: I'll have to come back to this later when I can put more time into it. Links are  redirecting me to Dell home page, guessing cause I'm Canadian.

Raduhendrix's upload is better than mine.


Their configurator seems pretty broken to me, as it's not letting me choose hardly any options at all, despite them being shown, they aren't selectable. Yes, all my adblockers and script blockers, and other safety items are off. Well, they were, I've turned them back on of course. 

It seems to only let me select things that are in preconfigured models, rather than configure my own. 
As such, I find this one a fail. 

If anyone cares I was only accessing the Aurora since I'd be after a desktop computer, not a laptop. 

It's too bad, I think I could have specced a pretty good box for 2k.

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Thanks for the chance.


It would be awesome to win. I stuck with what I know that I really want. I'm really in need of a gaming computer to actually run the games I love to play. Specially as a person who can't afford a powerful computer, like at all..
I'm currently stuck with a 5 year and almost 6 year old laptop. Which wasn't meant for gaming at all... so it sucks to play a game and basically lag everywhere. It would be a dream to get drawn. 

Good luck to everyone!


Is this global? Anyway not gonna win. Gl everyone!

Next time, there will be no next time!


giving it a go, good luck to everyone


here's hoping for something awesome