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Do real people actually win these things? lol


It would be awesome if I got drawn. I went with an Aurora Workstation kind of set-up. It's utilizing an i7 non K edition because there's no reason to overclock and stress out your CPU when it'll already be doing heavy tasks such as video editing in my case. And it's a 6-core 12-thread CPU which is even better than what I can get on the offered laptops.

It also uses the base 460W PSU since hardware these days are pretty effecient, and a GTX 1050 Ti since it won't make much of a difference in video editing. Even when using CUDA rendering.

I went with 8GB of RAM because picking up another 8GB isn't that expensive. Even with the NAND deficiency increasing the price of RAM. The rest of the $2,000 budget went into the 1TB NVMe SSD since it would make tasking so much easier than on an HDD. And HDD's are very cheap. You can grab a couple 3TB Seagate HDD for <$100 each for mass storage and archiving.

There's no optical drive because unless you plan to watch bluray on a 4K monitor, you don't need it. There's also no upgraded network chip. While I can easily fit in the last $50 available, video editing is handled locally so it's pointless unless I was grabbing files off a remote server. But I would be using an ethernet connection anyways.


If I wanted to make a 3D rendering rig or gaming rig, I would get the i7 non K edition, 850 Watt PSU, GTX 1080 TI, 8GB of RAM (you shouldn't need to upgrade this anytime soon), and a Dual Drive 128GB SSD for booting and programs, and the 2TB HDD for games and mass media storage.


Good luck for those that need a gaming pc or an upgrade!



  This is such an awesome opportunity a huge thanks to Alienware!  Good luck to us all & fingers crossed.


Wow, this is sweet.



Good luck too all who entered.

Thinking of relocating to the States from the Netherlands. :) Just to enter these awesome sweepstakes.

Sure could use a good streaming rig, so i could stream again.


So hard to choose, do I go with one of those sexy laptops or build a power house gaming Aurora rig?

Thank you to whomever at Alienware thought of this amazing promotion!


Sad only for Us and canada residents , we want participate in france too ! 


Good luck everyone!


thank you for sucha great opportunity to win  a gaming pc. you guys are awesome!