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Good luck everyone!


Can't join, but good luck to everyone! These are really great prizes!


paprika911 said:
_BravoTwo_ said:

Good luck everybody, though I can't gent in.

I know that each country have different laws and in some of them is almost impossible, too expensive or illegal to do this giveaways. But... the list of countries where you can do giveaways even based on foreign countries is way bigger. I could understand that a small website or company can't know laws or rules of every country, but Alienware is big enough to do its homeworks. There plenty of EU countries that you could add and same with other parts of the world. I hope you can review this sometime in the future and make list bigger.

Being said that, again good luck to everybody that can enter. Enjoy your prizes future winners.

Couldn't have said it better. I am one of those who cannot enter because unfortunately enough to live in a different country than the one listed in the giveaway terms. It's ok though, wishing luck to any eligible people who can enter this contest and I will take a look at what the community creates.

Actually,  I could have said it better. Thanks to your quote I realized I wrote "gent", instead of "get".

Mystipe (-‸ლ)

Fixed now ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘



lampy said:
_BravoTwo_ said:
Rvkito said:

Which screenshots should we use?

"Insert a game screenshot from Duelyst, Atlas Reactor, Trove, or RIFT into the designated screenshot area."


"Insert a game screenshot from Blade & Soul, ArcheAge, Defiance, or Paragon into the designated screenshot area."

I might be wrong, but probably is the first. That Blade&Sould and company, I think is from a previous contest, but for some reason someone forgot to change it on the Rules section.

Corrected the text in the page. It should be: Blade & Soul, ArcheAge, Defiance, or Paragon

Ah, then my guess was wrong, though the outdated part was in the link to Rules and not in the front page. I'll edit my messsage to avoid confusion with people. Though I can't enter, thanks for fast reply and fix for those who can.


A great opportunity to win valuable prizes<3


Good luck and happy holidays!


Good luck to all


Region limitation ...


Good luck!)


sorry I can not participate, good luck to you