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Gamers dont Die... They Respawn...








missed it




From the TOP OF THE PAGE!!!   "The limited time Steam/PC Beta test will run from the 20th Dec - 2nd"


Anyone got the time around here?  Can we read okay?  Thanks AW!!  I need your UPVOTES.  Because why else would anybody comment?  I like how I could just say poop or something and get 700+ upvotes if I make the first page.  Watch out.  It doesn't matter what is said...  The task is to click 50 of them, so why read each one, right?! 


I'll do it if I catch something right off the first page, and it'll happen one day... if I ever pay attention to the nuances of when/how things are done.  Looks like it has a pattern.  Blah blah blah, how many letters can I put.  Maybe since it's not a one-liner "THANKS AW!!", and I talked about Poop, it'll be a refreshing sight for sore eyes, and get some much needed upvotes.  I wish more people would talk about something other than poop on here in these giveaway threads.  Basically that's what a single "Thanks" is....  Poop.  I do it too, so I'm not trying to act all high and mighty.  I'm right there in the trenches of thanks-ville with the rest of yous guys that I'm talking about.  We're in this together.  THANKERS UNITE!

Y'all got any more of those?   Hope you liked my story, two people that read over this that are actually *not* moderators of some sort...    So anyway, there's my entertainment for now.  Maybe, if somebody is entertained at least, I figure.  I'd like it if I read it from some random source, but some haven't embraced the inner weird yet.  I am sad, and will pray for their liberation one day.


Okay, off my idiot box  /end superfacepalmrantsarcasticexpialidocious!


give my more keys