Windows 8 Fans Group

Windows 8 Fans Group


The Windows 8 Fan Group is for gamers who love PC gaming and who are willing to jump into the future (as Microsoft sees it) of the platform today.  This group will also explore the overall Windows 8 ecosystem including the platform on phones and tablets. 

Windows 8 is getting some good review and some not so good reviews.  Some folks are loving it and some are not.  Regardless, it is quite different than Windows XP, Vista and 7, and does take some time to learn.  

The purpose of this groups is to share your thoughts, tips and tricks in using Windows 8.  Of course since this group is on Alienware Arena the focus may lean towards gaming. :)

If you find some news that you feel should be brought to the communities attention please email  Also feel free to post any Windows 8 related videos and images that you think are cool.


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